Ninja Blender Reviews

Ninja Blender Reviews 1Ninja Blenders have shining name in the industry of fruit extractors. It is a potential performer in getting smoothies. Does your costly blender also make desired smoothies? Well, can it handle ice too? Most probably “NO”, but here is a surprise for you! Ninja Blender for its reasonable price powerfully blends ice and wonderfully blended material by it. It has sleek, latest design and gives hassle-free astounding blending output. Its container is made up of BPA-free SAN plastic. The 1000 watts blender, a choice of professionals!

A Different Blending, Mixing and Chopping Experience

It is a high power ice crusher and outstanding kitchen accessory. The ninja blender gives a different blending, processing and pureeing experience to the user. Try your favorite recipes every day with only a single press of button on this cool kitchen tool.


  • The size of pitcher in Ninja Blender is 72oz
  • It is BPA-free
  • Stainless steel blades with excellent sharpness
  • The cord is 2ft long
  • At the rear side, there is a box to store the cord
  • The blender comes with total 6 blades, a pitcher and lid
  • The terrific PULSE-controlled speed of chopping, mixing, blending and processing

Blending Particularity

  • It is basically an ideal ice crusher, but you can also use it to extract fruit or vegetable juices. To extract juices, add some ice or liquid in the blender for it is not its particularity.
  • You cannot expect hot soups out of cold add-ups because Ninja Blender cannot supply heat to liquids when processing.
  • It wonderfully works to change nuts into nut butter. You can grind flax seeds to get subsequent blend.
  • It has breezy performance over frozen fruit. You can get frozen fruit blended in no time with Ninja Blenders.
  • Sorbet is another blending expertise by Ninja blender. You can get delicious sorbet in seconds with this perfect kitchen tool.
  • Don’t use Ninja Blender for making dough.
  • Ninja Blender works perfectly to create creamy soft ice cream.
  • Combination of different fruit and vegetables also gives different taste. you can try different combinations every time for some mixtures are tastier than others.

Ninja Blender Reviews

An Essential Kitchen Tool

For its marvelous features and excellent performance, the Ninja Blender has become a must for every kitchen. You need chopping, mixing, blending on a daily basis. Without a professional blender, you will waste time and get poor results. On the other hand, with a up-to-the-mark blender like Ninja Blender, you can get splendid results in no time. it is multifunctional and easy to clean, so it has become a crucial kitchen appliance.

The Smoothness of Smoothies

The most noticeable thing about Ninja Blender is the smoothness of its smoothies. It gives matchless smoothies. They will have desired consistency and professional look. This is the reason that no other blender could beat Ninja in the market after its launch.

Difference between Juices by Ninja and other Juice Extractors

Using other juice extractors, you can lose valuable pulp. Vegetable and fruit pulp is highly nutrient and should not be thrown out. On the other hand, if you use Ninja Blender, add a bit of ice or liquid to extract fruit or vegetable smoothie. This smoothie consists upon pulp and juice, providing super nutrient drink without any loses of essential vitamins, proteins and minerals.

Avail Recipes

Yes, the best ninja blender comes with multiple recipes which you can find on the back side of instruction manual. Moreover, you can visit their website for more delicious recipes.

Ninja Blender as Fruit Juicer Blender

Ninja Blender is a classical fruit juicer blender, because it gives rich fiber through pulp add-ups. It is better to try watery fruits in it like orange, berries and pineapple for preferred consistency. Less watery fruit can also provide drinks with desired consistency only with a little water add-up.

The Power Light

The power light does not cease to blink to ensure the locked position of pitcher. The lid is safely placed and it does not touch the handle arrows.

Easy to Clean

Another plus point of the machine is it is easy to clean. The whole cord is neatly wrapped at the back. You can easily clean after every use. The blenders we used in the past were hard to clean. This tool, with providing nutrient drinks and powerful ice crushing, is really simple to maintain.


A huge range of customers has given 5/5 stars to the kitchen tool. They claim to be More than Happy. The customers, with an opinion of 4 stars out of 5, claim that only minor faults have cut down the rating. For more information, you could refer Anthony’s Blog, he has a blog that has much informative about this type of blender.

Note: sometimes, you may have trouble with turning on the blender or rotation of blades. Don’t take it as machine flaw. It is due to safety purpose. Visit the website and know through FAQs if any kind of technical issue you face, there you will see instruction and solution of your problem.